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What Is Women Of Impact?

Women of Impact is a community and movement of like-minded, like-hearted women entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to change the world and, in the process, take your business or career and life to a whole new level.  Women of Impact is all about connection, collaboration and community and getting the support that you need, so there is no stopping you! 


So how can you make a bigger impact right now?  It all starts with shifting your focus and becoming more aware.  Here are my 5 Keys of Impact to guide you as you step into being an amazing Woman of Impact.


5 Keys of Impact


1.      Increase your presence, access your power, and use it to impact your business and your community.

2.      Find your voice so you can speak up, be heard, and make a difference.

3.      Gain clarity so you show up clear, purposeful and powerful.

4.      Unleash your passion and become a powerful attractor magnet in your business and your life.

5.      Be who you really are, your authentic self, and truly embrace your magnificence.


Each of these will significantly increase the impact you make in your business or career, and your entire life.


Now imagine if you loved absolutely everything about your life, and it is totally of your own creation…

  • Imagine if you let go of limiting beliefs
  • Imagine if you are worry free
  • Imagine if you are no longer stopped by fear
  • Imagine if you let go of all self-doubt
  • Imagine what is now possible in your life…

To support you in your journey toward creating that life, I have a special gift – it is the ‘Ignite Your Life! Blueprint.’ This will help you gain clarity about what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  Here is the link:  http://AndreaWoolf.com/Blueprint.

Women of Impact with Andrea Woolf

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