Andrea Woolf

How to overcome
Worry, Fear & Self-Doubt


Does Worry, Fear or Self-Doubt hold you back?  Imagine having nothing stopping you from stepping into your power.  Just watch this 3-part Video Series, and you’ll be well on your way to putting these three issues behind you.

Wisdom Made Simple
For Super Smart Women

Making it Through Cancer
And Other Life Challenges

Kind Words

What Women say...

"Andrea has helped me expertly craft a vision for my life and skillfully execute on it. Situations in the past that used to send me into a tail spin, are now easily handled with the set of tools that I have honed with her help. I am now able to navigate difficult situations with grace and ease. The success in my current role is aided immensely by my time with Andrea. In short--she's the best!
Sarah Penna
Co-Founder of Frolic Media
Working with Andrea as a guide, confidante, wielder of the wand of truth, and business and personal coach, she has been a gift and a guide for me to create my emerging enterprise that is today both successful and thriving. If you are a business owner or an executive in the corporate arena, you need a guide and mentor. I highly recommend Andrea for her vision, her directness, and the guidance she can provide.
V. Lynn Hawkins
CEO at Skyhawk Enterprises Biz Coaching and Consulting
Love yourself.  Love your work.  Love your entire life.

if you loved absolutely everything about your life, and it’s totally of your creation. Download your Ignite Your Life! Blueprint now to get started.

Andrea Woolf

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