Count Your Blessings

Shift Your Focus to Transform Your Life

Andrea Woolf

Hi, Andrea here.

If you're starting today, make sure you've already requested access to our Count Your Blessings Private Facebook Group.

Then follow the emails here until you catch up to today's email.

Day 1 Email

Over the next 30 days, each day there will be a simple daily practice of an inspiring affirmation, together with a supporting enquiry question for you to answer. 

You will also hear a short encouraging daily audio from me explaining the enquiry question of the day.  This will help you uncover the gifts, miracles and blessings that are eagerly waiting to show up in every area of your life.  Just simply notice what you notice.

And then your quick and simple action step every day is to allow yourself to be inspired by the daily affirmation. Then simply share in the FB group what comes to mind in response to the enquiry question.

An additional level of wonderfulness will be for you to like or love each other's shares, as well as post positive and encouraging comments.

So, your Daily Affirmation for today is: Count Your Blessings.

And your Enquiry Question is: What blessing are you noticing in your life right now?

Day 2 Email

Welcome to Day 2.

How are you doing?

Your Daily Affirmation for today is: I treat myself like my own best friend.

And your Enquiry Question is: How are you being good to yourself today?

Day 3 Email

Welcome to Day 3.

How are you doing?

Your Daily Affirmation for today is: LIFE is a GIFT

And your Enquiry Question is: What is the biggest gift in your life right now? All Rights Reserved 2020-2021

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