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7 Reasons To Start Your Coaching Business Yesterday!

Come join me in this complementary audio series covering seven great reasons to consider getting into Coaching yesterday!

This program is for you if…
  • You’re tired of working in a 9-to-5 job.
  • You’re yearning to start your own business but don’t know what to do.
  • You’re longing to do something that you’re passionate about.
  • You would love to have more time to spend with your spouse, family, children, friends, or volunteering.
  • People are naturally drawn to you for support or help, but you don’t have the time or energy for them.

Here are some of the topics...

You Design It

What's wonderful about having a coaching business is you get to design every aspect of it. Whatever you can imagine, you can achieve.

You Decide How You Do It

This is your business. With so many choices, technical or otherwise, you decide how you work with clients.

You Choose Who You Serve

As Coach extraordinaire you get to decide who you serve and who are your ideal clients. It's all up to you.

And Much, Much More...

Plus 4 more uplifting audios to show you how amazing having your own coaching business will be.

Working with Andrea as a guide, confidante, wielder of the wand of truth, and business and personal coach, she has been a gift and a guide for me to create my emerging enterprise that is today both successful and thriving. If you are a business owner or an executive in the corporate arena, you need a guide and mentor. I highly recommend Andrea for her vision, her directness, and the guidance she can provide.

Andrea has helped me expertly craft a vision for my life and skillfully execute on it. Situations in the past that used to send me into a tail spin, are now easily handled with the set of tools that I have honed with her help. I am now able to navigate difficult situations with grace and ease. The success in my current role is aided immensely by my time with Andrea. In short--she's the best!

Get 7 Reasons To Start Your Coaching Business Yesterday!

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